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    The history of Etehad Aligoodarz Construction and Development Company

    Many open and hidden deprivations of Lorestan province and especially our city of Aligoodarz have been a long-standing concern of the people and elders and experts of the region. The noble and hard-working people of Aligoodarz and its numerous villages, at different times of the past 3 decades, were pleased when they hosted the senior officials of the governments of the time, when they listened to their public speeches, which emphasized the central point of removing deprivation from the region. And at the same time, they have prayed from the bottom of their hearts that the statements of the respected authorities will not remain in the form of words and slogans and expressions of sympathy with the residents, and the practical solutions provided by the city and provincial authorities and especially the experts and elders of the city and villages, to bring the talents to fruition strong and wonderful city, in order to create employment for the mass of unemployed youth, which has been the main focus of the demands, but alas, with the passing of time and the transfer of managers and many other indefensible reasons, the number of unemployed people in the city has continued to increase. Except for a handful of industrial units related to the category of stone, which are owned by the private sector, and of course, they make a living with a small percentage of their capacity. they have in their land, it has not been done

    In such a situation and at the end of 1978, the idea of establishing a local group, in the form of a cooperative company or a public company that includes the interests of the residents of the city and the suburbs, came to the mind of Mr. The third and sixth periods of the Islamic Council were formed. At that time, he started consultations with the trustees and experts, as well as mining experts of the city, with the aim of sharing the profits of the stone extraction from the mines located in the southern slopes of the city. The result of numerous meetings and meetings was that if the Deputy Minister of Mines of the Ministry of Industries and Mines at that time hands over certain areas of mines to the company that is about to be established, they will be able to become shareholders in the form of the founding board, with the call of the people of the city. Also, the initial capital for the purchase of machinery and equipment for extracting from the mines that were waiting for its handover, as well as the preparations and a relatively suitable platform for wider economic activities, which provided employment for a number of residents and the profit from the activities. also deliver to the shareholders and make it practical

    Following the conclusion of the expert investigations, it was decided that the founding board should start the necessary measures to obtain the activity license and inform about the subscription of shares of the company that is about to be established. Since at the beginning of the subscription, some people decided to buy the company’s shares in bulk and make its interests their own, with the decision of the founders, some restrictions were applied in this regard, and at the same time, follow-ups were carried out in order to take over the mines in question. continued . The subscription started in November 2009 with a very remarkable welcome from the people of the city and villages and continued for five months with the round-the-clock efforts of the company’s employees. On the other hand, by using the experiences of similar companies and employing experts, the work of drafting the company’s statutes and preparing other preparations for starting work began. The concerns of the founding board in order to protect the rights of the shareholders and especially the location of the company’s head office in Aligoodars, made the task of drafting the articles of association very difficult. The date was set. During the five months of underwriting, a number of caring people helped in this field, who, despite working around the clock, did not receive any salary from the company, and in fact, the construction and development company was registered with the lowest cost, which can be in the form of Be unique

    In this way, Aligoodarz Union Construction and Development Joint Stock Company was registered on 11/20/79 with an initial capital of 2,600 million Rials (equivalent to 260,000 shares of ten thousand Rials) under number 794 in the company registration office of Aligoodarz city, although public acceptance It was in such a way that the issue of capital increase was put on the agenda. After that, the registration of applicants continued and the number of shareholders increased to 8,500 people and the amount of capital increased to 6050 million Rials (equivalent to 605 thousand shares of ten thousand Rials)

    Simultaneously with these activities, the follow-ups for handing over the requested mines were nearing the final stages. Regardless of the fact that despite the remarkable efforts of the representative of the people of the city in the sixth parliament, in the end, less than 25% of the requested boundaries were assigned to the company, which caused the dissatisfaction of the founding board and trustees, but after many expert discussions and considering the great reception that the people Sharif Aligoders has been involved in the formation of the company, it was decided to start mining from the mines by relying on God Almighty and the tireless will of the founding board and the elected board of directors

    After the registration of the increased capital in the company registration office of Aligoodarz city, which was done on 12/25/79, the company officially started its activity on the first day of 80 (the first day of new year) and now after the 13 years and enduring a lot of bitterness, looking at the way the company moves and the goals ahead, we can admit that with less than 25% at our disposal, we have been able to create employment and more or less effective for some public benefit measures in our city

    Despite the expectation of unhesitating and extensive support from all institutions of the city and the province, the managers of the company have been patient and tolerant against the many unkindness they have faced in the past 13 years from some friends in charge of the province and the city. They are grateful to the company’s shareholders and officials who encouraged and supported the company’s efforts and hope that in the light of the broader support of the provincial and city officials, they will be able to achieve the company’s pre-defined goals for creating more jobs in the form of existing projects. Organize and, God willing, do it. The managers and employees of the company are optimistic about overcoming the difficulties facing the company’s goals and realizing the development plans, or it is better to say that they try not to be discouraged by setbacks and obstacles because they believe that the company’s 8500 valued shareholders They will benefit. Let’s not forget that more than 90% of the shareholders of the company are Aligoodarz, and the employees and managers of the company know that they are the servants of the most law-abiding company in Lorestan province

    For the final part of this article, we mention the privileged position of the company in the province. The construction and development company has always been trusted and trusted by the provincial and city institutions since the beginning of its activities and has been encouraged 18 times by the respected officials of the city and province. The last letter of appreciation was received in July of this year (July 2013) as a “province model company” which is installed on the wall of the company’s CEO’s room along with the 17 mentioned letters of appreciation


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    متاسفانه محتوایی پیدا نشد

    a word with you

    With the help of Almighty God, on the eve of the birth anniversary of the pious master and helper of the deprived and oppressed, Hazrat Ali (AS), we have taken this good opportunity to, as the manager of the information base of the Aligoders Alliance Construction and Development Company, address a long-standing concern of the company’s management. , means to open the site, let’s pass.
    It is not a secret to our dear shareholders and friends that the license of the company’s site in the virtual space has been available for a long time, but the fear of entering the virtual world, without having expert and capable forces, is the main obstacle to delaying the opening of the site. has been the company. Now, not only has the fear and doubt not decreased, it may have increased, but due to several reasons, such as the expiration of the license issued for the company’s website and its cancellation if the site is not active, its complaint Some of the shareholders who have repeatedly expressed their interest in getting information about the date of dividend payment and other related matters through the company’s website and many other cases, we did not consider it permissible to delay more than this and we decided to try to benefit for the time being. From the minimum available capacities and in the light of the favors of Hazrat Haqq (the Almighty), we will open the official website of the company with this introduction, which definitely has many shortcomings. The current minimum for the employment of a number of dear fellow citizens and more efforts for the greater credit of the shareholders’ shares We have preferred to migrate to the capital. It is obvious that the important concerns of Oligoders and Oligoderzis are also in terms of double deprivation in all different fields, both in the city and in its many villages, especially in the areas of urban and rural management, cultural , social, economic, civil, healthcare, sports, education, etc., as well as the lack of motivation in a few city and village administrations, in order to attract provincial and national credits, for the growth and dynamism of our city and the suffering and deprived people. We know that, despite the many talents and capabilities, and we may want to define the mission of the site a little beyond the scope of the company’s activities if the audience welcomes it. Then, there is no doubt that for this purpose, we should ask the educated audience of our city to help us by sending content related to the concerns of city and rural residents and providing feasible solutions. In the future, by God’s grace, we will talk about this again, hoping to reach a common conclusion with our esteemed audience.

    On other pages of the site, there will be more reports about the company’s activities, shareholders’ profits and how to pay them, how the company interacts with shareholders and institutions of the city and province, etc.

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